How would you like to have perfect good luck?

Stan Dryer has just published another story, Fred’s Lucky Day It appears in the January 2023 issue of Fabula Argentea.

Fred jumped at the opportunity to have one day of perfect good luck and the chance to win big at the Golden Choice Casino in Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong? Come along and play some two-hundred-dollar chips with Fred by clicking here: Fred’s Lucky Day

Or you can find the story under Published Stories on

4 thoughts on “How would you like to have perfect good luck?

  1. Hi Frank, I just read your recent story… Where is 149 Boomer St? Your story convinced me to buy a Mega Millions ticket tomorrow. Please respond ASAP! John Terrey

    John Terrey – Sent from my iPad



  2. John, Sorry, the 149 Boomer St. in the story is in Harperville as mentioned in the story (The Harperville Airport)


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