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Welcome to StanDryer.com. The purpose of this blog is twofold. First, to keep you informed about what I’ve been writing and what short stories I have published. Second, I’m going to talk about the art and business of writing fiction and getting it published. The emphasis will be on short stories..

This Blog is Free

The material in this blog is free. This is not a come-on to lure you into purchasing something. There should be no advertisements popping up in your face while you are reading. Feel free to copy anything you see in the blog.

Who Am I?

I’m a fiction writer who lives in southern New Hampshire and publishes under the pen name of Stan Dryer. Stan will be writing the blog, but I’ll be there watching what he’s up to. See “Who is Stan Dryer” for details about who I am. See “Published Stories” for a list of what I’ve recently published or what is about to be published. See “Story Archives” to read stories I published thirty plus years ago.

Want to Keep Following what I’m up to?

From time to time I will create a new POST on this blog when I add significant new material to the blog or announce I’ve published new stories. If you subscribe to this blog (see below) you will automatically be sent a copy of each new post. That is all you will get. You will not be bombarded with advertisements.

Why No Pictures?

As this blog has to do with writing, I haven’t cluttered it up with pictures. Hopefully, you’ll get lots of bright internal pictures in your head as you read my lucid prose.

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