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I currently have 16 recently published short stories. Most of these are available on-line, or in our Stories Archives.

Whenever a new Stan Dryer story is published, I’ll update this listing. If you have subscribed to my blog, you’ll get a notice about the new story.

You can link to and read the stories listed below at no charge. However, the stories are copyrighted and should not be republished in either print or electronic form without my permission.

(As of March 8, 2023, here is the list of my recent publications (the more recent first)

The Saga of Gentleman Bert. Another story set in the early western town of Dustville. While the outlaw Bert receives punishment for his crimes, his memory lives on thanks to an imaginative entrepreneur. This story is published as the cover story in the March 2023 issue of Mystery Magazine. It is another story in the Dustville Chronicles. (See Coyote Woman and Tracking Blackheart Bart below for other Dustville stories). I cannot give you a link to this story at this time. You can, see the cover art and read the beginning of the story at the Mystery Magazine site ( You can order copies of the March issue (printed or electronic) from Amazon at: .

Fred’s Lucky Day Fred jumps at the opportunity to have a day of pure good luck and the chance to win big at the Golden Choice Casino in Las Vegas. What could go wrong? This story was published in the January 2023 issue of Fabula Argentea on-line magazine. Come along and play some two-hundred-dollar chips with Fred by clicking here: Fred’s Lucky Day

What Happened in Florida: When the author’s waitress friend Maya goes off to Florida for a month, he begins to realize that their relationship is a bit more serious than exchanging flip remarks in Lenny’s Diner. And then there is the question of the cat Clandestine. Is he an innocent bystander or a self-serving cupid? You can decide for yourself by clicking here: What Happened in Florida This story was published in the November 4, 2022 edition of Fiction on the Web

The Carpenter and the Poet (When the carpenter replaces the floorboards in the attic of the poet’s old house, he finds two lines of a poem that change around his life and shed new light on the poet. This story was published in the August 2022 edition of The Write Launch. It is a bit of a departure from other stories I have written. You can link to it by clicking here: Carpenter and Poet

Coyote Woman (When the Taggart brothers burn down the Turgis ranch house, they didn’t figure on Nancy Turgis, the Coyote Woman, coming after them. The Dustville Sheriff and Injun Yano follow along behind, picking up the dead bodies and seeing that justice finally triumphs). This story was published in the May 2022 issue of Frontier Tales. You can link to the story by clicking here: Coyote Woman  

The Young Man Who Talked to Cars (You’ll get to meet some interesting cars. The Sugatti with an attitude. Audrey the protective family car, Andre the voyeur van. And, of course, there is Melany, a sweet, coddled Cadillac. Or is she really that sweet?) This story was published in the July 2021 issue of Fabula Argentea on-line Magazine. To read it, click here: Young Man

Two Brothers, Two Wolves. (If you run into a wolf in the forest, would you be better off facing one or two wolves? Sometimes two is better. I wrote this story as I was interested in trying to write a story with an imbedded narrator, what is called a frame story.) This story was published in the April 2021 issue of Fabula Argentea on-line magazine. To read it, click here: Wolves

Tracking Blackheart Bart. (A science fiction story set in the early West. After escaping from jail, Blackheart Bart seeks asylum with some aliens with interesting results. ) This story has been published in a Rogue Blades anthology Reach for the Sky, The anthology is available on Kindle or as a printed copy on Amazon. To read this story, click here: Blackheart

Trouble Free Driving (A hit man makes the serious mistake of ignoring the recall notices for his Sugatti.) A short flash-fiction story published in the on-line Autumn 2020 Issue of Lowestoft Chronicle. To read this story, click here: Trouble Free Driving

Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist (Martin Wielman, the author of the best selling Buck Slammer private eye series is kidnapped by a young couple greedy for a cut of the advance on his next book. By the end of the story, the couple discovers just how bad a mistake they made.) Published in the September 2020 issue of Mystery Weekly. This story is available here on my blog. To get there, click on kidnapping

Playing Out the Deck. (The narrator of this story learns to play pushup poker from a friend while they are hiking the Appalachian Trail and discovers the importance in life of playing out the deck, a fact that he later uses to turn around his friend’s life.) Published in the September 2020 issue of Fabula Argentea Magazine. To read this story, click here: Playing Out the Deck

The Edge of Solitude (The narrator of this story works winters as a teacher on an island in a remote Canadian lake. He also works summers as Head Counselor at a boy’s camp on the same lake. One summer things happen to disturb his peaceful life.) This story has been electronically published on the May 2020 Edition on the Write Launch site. To read this story click here: Edge of Solitude For a note on how I came to write this story, click on Solitude Note

The Run. (Harry Staunten, driven from the lovely town of Thatchford by his divorce, longs to regain some standing in the Town.) Published in March 2020 issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine. To find this story click here March 2020 Adelaide Magazine.

Daily Bread. (Millie decides that the poet Agatha Windwhisper has a broken heart and needs help from Millie’s psychologist boss.) In the September 2019 issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine. You can read this story on their site. Click here to read this story: Daily Bread

Finishing off Gammie. (After that incident at the opera, Harry Fredder knows he must kill his mother-in-law. But the tables turn back and forth as each strives to outsmart the other until… but that would be giving away the ending..) Published in the March 2019 issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine . This story is available under Story Archives on this blog. To get there, click on Gammie

The Cookiemeister. (She was tall and blonde and lovely, a goddess in the eyes of fourteen year old Bub. She was also Mr.Henshaw’s mistress. Then Bub blurts out something really stupid.) Published in the March 2019 issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine. Click here to read this story:The Cookiemeister

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