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I currently have 7 short stories either already published or about to be published. Some of these are available on-line, others I can send you on request as .docx or PDF files or you can order the printed or electronic magazine containing the story. If requesting a story from me, let me know the format you want.

Whenever a new Stan Dryer story is published, I’ll update this listing. If you have subscribed to my blog, you’ll get a notice that my publication page has been updated.

So as of May 3, 2020, here is the list of my recent publications (more recent first)

The Edge of Solitude (The narrator of this story works winters as a teacher on an island in a remote Canadian lake. He also works summers as Head Counselor at a boy’s camp on the same lake. One summer things happen to disturb his peaceful life.) This story has been electronically published on the May 2020 Edition on the Write Launch site To read it, go to their site, click on “SHORT STORY” at the top, and scroll down to the story. (If it is after May 2020, you can find the story under BACK ISSUES)

The Run. (Harry Staunten, driven from the lovely town of Thatchford by his divorce, longs to regain some standing in the Town.) Published in March 2020 issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine. You can read this story on the Adelaide Literary Magazine site Click on the magazine cover on the right under “March 2020” and look for the story on page 35. See more details on using the magazine below. *

Tracking Blackheart Bart. (A science fiction story set in the early West. After escaping from jail, Blackheart Bart seeks asylum with some aliens with interesting results. ) About to be published in a Rogue Blades anthology Reach for the Sky, As this story has not actually been published, I’m not yet making copies of the story available.

Daily Bread. (Millie decides that the poet Agatha Windwhisper has a broken heart and needs help from Millie’s psychologist boss.) In the September 2019 issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine. You can read this story on their site. Look on the right-hand side of the screen for the issue with the spiral staircase on the cover. The story is on page 93. See below for more details.*

Finishing off Gammie. (After that incident at the opera, Harry Fredder knows he must kill his mother-in-law. But the tables turn back and forth as each strives to outsmart the other until… but that would be giving away the ending..) Published in the March 2019 issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine Ask me for a copy.

The Cookiemeister. (She was tall and blonde and lovely, a goddess in the eyes of fourteen year old Bub. She was also Mr.Henshaw’s mistress. Then Bub blurts out something really stupid.) Published in the March 2019 issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine. There may be some way you can download a copy of this story from their site (see below) but it may be simpler to just ask me for a copy.

*Some stories published in the Adelaide Literary Magazine can be read on their site, When you go to the site, select the magazine issue from those on the right hand side side bar and you will get a copy of the actual magazine that you can peruse page by page. This form of the story provides the best formatting. Note that when you get to the pages you want in the magazine, you can use the wheel on your mouse to enlarge or reduce the size of the text on the screen.

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