How would you like to have perfect good luck?

Stan Dryer has just published another story, Fred’s Lucky Day It appears in the January 2023 issue of Fabula Argentea. Fred jumped at the opportunity to have one day of perfect good luck and the chance to win big at the Golden Choice Casino in Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong? Come along andContinue reading “How would you like to have perfect good luck?”

New Story from Stan Dryer

Stan Dryer has just published another story, What Happened in Florida. It appears in the November 4 edition of Fiction on the Web.  When the author’s waitress friend Maya goes off to Florida for a month, he begins to realize that their relationship is a bit more serious than exchanging flip remarks in Lenny’s Diner.Continue reading “New Story from Stan Dryer”

Just Published: The Carpenter and the Poet

Stan Dryer has just published another story, The Carpenter and the Poet. It has been published in the August 2022 edition of The Write Launch.  When the carpenter replaces the floorboards in the attic of the poet’s old house, he finds two lines of a poem that change around his life and shed new lightContinue reading “Just Published: The Carpenter and the Poet”

Don’t Mess with Coyote Woman

 Stan Dryer has just published another short story, Coyote Woman. It’s a western, published in the on-line magazine, Frontier Tales. When the Taggart brothers burn down the Turgis ranch house, they didn’t figure on Nancy Turgis, the Coyote Woman, coming after them. The Dustville Sheriff and Injun Yano follow along behind, picking up the deadContinue reading “Don’t Mess with Coyote Woman”

Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist

Buck opened the door. Marla was standing there, sulky, long-legged Marla wearing glued-tight jeans and a cashmere sweater that Buck figured must have cost her husband the loot from two hours’ billing when he was still a lawyer for the rich and famous. That’s the opening paragraph of Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist where you’llContinue reading “Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist”

Are Two Wolves Better than One?

New Stan Dryer Stories On-line I’ve updated to include two more short stories that were recently published and that you might find interesting. The first of these is Two Brothers, Two Wolves. If you run into a wolf in the forest, would you be better off facing two wolves rather than just one?  SometimesContinue reading “Are Two Wolves Better than One?”

What’s New on Stan Dryer’s Blog

I’ve made some interesting additions and changes on my blog. My short story Tracking Blackheart Bart has finally been published in an anthology Reach for the Sky published by Rogue Blades Entertainment.  Like the other stories in the anthology, it is a science fiction western set in the late 1800’s. I don’t have a copyContinue reading “What’s New on Stan Dryer’s Blog”

New Stan Dryer Stories

I have just had 3 more stories published. “Playing Out the Deck” has to do with pushup poker, the Appalachian Trail, the war in Afghanistan and how friends help each other when things get tough. “Trouble-Free Driving” describes a hit man’s encounter with an over-friendly state trooper. “Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist” describes how aContinue reading “New Stan Dryer Stories”

Getting Stories Published

I’ve added two new items to my blog that may be of interest to you. First, a number of the writers in my writing groups were interested in knowing how to get the short stories they had written published. I wrote a description of what I knew of the world that publishes short stories andContinue reading “Getting Stories Published”