Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist

Buck opened the door. Marla was standing there, sulky, long-legged Marla wearing glued-tight jeans and a cashmere sweater that Buck figured must have cost her husband the loot from two hours’ billing when he was still a lawyer for the rich and famous. That’s the opening paragraph of Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist where you’llContinue reading “Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist”

New Stan Dryer Stories

I have just had 3 more stories published. “Playing Out the Deck” has to do with pushup poker, the Appalachian Trail, the war in Afghanistan and how friends help each other when things get tough. “Trouble-Free Driving” describes a hit man’s encounter with an over-friendly state trooper. “Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist” describes how aContinue reading “New Stan Dryer Stories”