The Edge of Solitude

Another of my short storie, The Edge of Solitude has just been electronically published on the Write Launch site. To read it, go to their site, click on “SHORT STORY” at the top, and scroll down to the story.

I wrote most of this story over 40 years ago. It is based on my experience when, in the summer after my freshman year at Harvard, I worked at a boy’s camp on Lake Timagami in Canada. The camp doctor was a young intern who later went on to work most of his life as a medical missionary in North Africa.

It is nice to see published your recollections of a peaceful moment in your early life. I hope I have at least partially portrayed the essence of a few short summer weeks in an almost untouched wilderness.

Your comments and feedback (bottom of this post) are always welcomed.

Stan Dryer

One thought on “The Edge of Solitude

  1. Very nice story, Stan, with lovely imagery and a sweet twist at the end. Excited to learn more about your mystery book.


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