Cover Story in Mystery Magazine

Stan Dryer has just published a story, The Saga of Gentleman Bert, in the March 2023 issue of Mystery Magazine. It is the cover story with a full cover picture illustrating the opening moments of the story. It features Nancy Turgis, one of the main characters in Coyote Woman, in case you’ve read that story of mine. (Coyote Woman is available under Published Stories on

Stan wishes he could give you a link to the story, but Mystery Magazine currently owns the publication rights so the only way you may read the story would be to purchase a copy of the magazine or subscribe to it.

However, you can see the cover illustration and read the opening few pages of the story in a couple of ways.

First, you can go to Amazon as if you are about to purchase the story. There you can see the cover illustration You can then click on the cover and read the first pages of the story. The link to the story on Amazon is:

You can also see the cover on Mystery Magazine’s site and read the first few pages. The link to their site is: Look under “Back issues”.

Stan has a number of other stories out to magazines with more in the mill. He’ll let you know if any of these are published.

One thought on “Cover Story in Mystery Magazine

  1. Congratulations on making the front cover.  I read the few pages that I
    could and I have to order the magazine to find out how things end.

    I so envy you that you continue to have such wonderful experiences with
    your writing and there seems no end to it. Congratulations again.



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