Don’t Mess with Coyote Woman

 Stan Dryer has just published another short story, Coyote Woman. It’s a western, published in the on-line magazine, Frontier Tales.

When the Taggart brothers burn down the Turgis ranch house, they didn’t figure on Nancy Turgis, the Coyote Woman, coming after them. The Dustville Sheriff and Injun Yano follow along behind, picking up the dead bodies and seeing that justice finally triumphs.  You can link to the story by clicking here: Coyote Woman  

After reading the story, you have the opportunity to vote for best story in the May issue of Frontier Tales. Your vote for Coyote Woman would be much appreciated.

Another item of interest. The Dryer University of Literary Creativity is now offering remote learning. You can view our syllabus for the course offerings of a number of our Colleges at (click on Dryer University) The syllabus features excerpts from novels written by some of our students. 

2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with Coyote Woman

  1. Fifty-some years ago, I read a story called “Muskrat Fun for Everyone.” A situation in life reminded me of it (this is not infrequent), and I was close enough to the computer to look it up. The Internet identified you as the author, but couldn’t provide a link to the story itself. Can you tell me where it’s been published? I’d like to read it again.


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