Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist

Buck opened the door. Marla was standing there, sulky, long-legged Marla wearing glued-tight jeans and a cashmere sweater that Buck figured must have cost her husband the loot from two hours’ billing when he was still a lawyer for the rich and famous.

That’s the opening paragraph of Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist where you’ll meet Martin Wielman, the novelist, and Buck Slammer, the protagonist of his best-selling private-eye novels.  Wielman is kidnapped by a young couple greedy for a cut of the advance on his next book. By the end of the story, the couple discovers just how bad a mistake they made.

This story was published in the September 2020 issue of Mystery Magazine who held the copyright for a year. Now that I hold the rights to the story, I am able to put it on-line for all to read.

You can read the story on my site, under “Story Archives” or by clicking here. Kidnapping  


A short report on my writing may be in order. I’m still writing short stories although I’m addressing more serious topics in many of them. I have nothing that has been accepted for publication recently, possibly because what I’m writing doesn’t match the type of stories many magazines want. I’ll keep you posted if and when any new stories get published.

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