Talk to Cars?

I’ve just had published another short story, The Young Man Who Talked to Cars. It is a bit different but I think you’ll like it.

When you read this story you’ll get to meet some interesting cars. The Sugatti with an attitude. Audrey the protective family car, Andre the voyeur van. And, of course, there is Melany, a sweet coddled Cadillac. Or is she really that sweet?) There are also interesting people you’ll meet, some nice, some more on the sleaze-bag side of life. Enjoy.

This story was published in the July 2021 issue of Fabula Argentea on-line Magazine. To read it, click here: Young Man (7500 word story) You can also link to it on my site under Published Stories.

Looking Ahead: My writing is taking a more serious tone as I think I’m moving forward towards the art of writing. I have a novel set in France during WWII nearly finished and an interesting short story set at the end of the Civil War, but as my writing gets better, I’ve discovered that it takes much more hard work to polish it up to my new standards.

3 thoughts on “Talk to Cars?

  1. Hi Frank:

    Great story.  Very different and very readable.  Clearly your writing skills have been improving.  And I look forward to some of the coming stories.  The hard work really pays off.

    Best, Seymour


  2. Good to see at last you have found direction in your life. Not heard from you in a long while. You still have any old radio stuff? Way out west Jim

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