Are Two Wolves Better than One?

New Stan Dryer Stories On-line

I’ve updated to include two more short stories that were recently published and that you might find interesting.

The first of these is Two Brothers, Two Wolves. If you run into a wolf in the forest, would you be better off facing two wolves rather than just one?  Sometimes two is better. I wrote this piece as I was interested in trying to write a story with an imbedded narrator, what is called a frame story. It was published in the April issue of Fabula Argentea on-line magazine. To read it, click here: Wolves  Feel free to leave a comment, positive or negative at the end.

The second short story is Tracking Blackheart Bart. It is a science fiction western on the short side. After escaping from jail, Blackheart Bart seeks asylum with some aliens with interesting results. This story was published in a Rogue Blades anthology Reach for the Sky, The anthology is available on Kindle or as a printed copy on Amazon. To read this story, click here: Blackheart

In addition, my story The Young Man Who Talked to Cars will be published in the July issue of Fabula Argentea magazine. I’ll let you know when it is available to read.

My other writing continues. I have several new stories out looking for publishers and a bunch more in the mill. My short novel (or long novella?) Petite Fleur is complete in the sense that it can be read from start to finish, but it still needs more polishing. I have a couple of people reading it for comments right now. Set in France towards the end of WWII, it is more serious than most of my other writing.

So you can see I am keeping busy and, better still, having a blast.


Stan Dryer

2 thoughts on “Are Two Wolves Better than One?

  1. Both stories are great.  I think I preferred the Two Wolves story a little bit more.  I like happier endings.



  2. Happy Easter Stan Dryer! Congratulations on being published! I look forward to reading these stories. Great variety!!’cheers Jane

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