Getting Stories Published

I’ve added two new items to my blog that may be of interest to you.

First, a number of the writers in my writing groups were interested in knowing how to get the short stories they had written published. I wrote a description of what I knew of the world that publishes short stories and the things that a writer should think about when offering stories for publication. When I read this description to one writing group some members felt they would like to see it available for reference. So it is there and you can see it by clicking on GETTING STORIES PUBLISHED. I’ve also added a table of contents to make it a bit easier to find material of interest. Feel free to copy it or suggest it to friends. Also, any feedback would be much appreciated.

Second, I resurrected a story that I wrote that was published 35 years ago in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Titled “A Day in the Life of a Classics Professor”, it describes a world in which androids have replaced athletes in all major sports. The major sport is now competitive classic Roman oratory. You’ll find the story under STORY ARCHIVES.

Here’s an exerpt:

Big Harley Wilson drove Parker’s limousine with a terrifying abandon, cutting in and out through the traffic of autocars at a speed that would have meant disaster for anyone with a shade less skill. Wilson had been a running back with the now defunct Green Bay Packers and he was very used to hurling himself through holes that opened up for only a fraction of a second.

As Wilson drove, he cursed. “No mech scab gonna cut me off.” “Eat monoxide, droid bastards.” “Furbin micro-brains.” And, Parker thought, he had every reason to curse the mechanisms that piloted the other vehicles. They, or their brother androids, had destroyed Wilson’s most promising career

Enjoy, Stan Dryer

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